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A bed that is appreciated by anyone who likes to travel with their pet. They can be rolled up and placed in a practical nylon cover. It is 100% hypoallergenic and self-cleaning–Lanolin: envelops every hair, destroys bacteria and mites.
The NELSON TM wool knit is a natural, living fiberused in therapeutic prophylaxis and rehabilitation. It helps to relieve pain and neutralize watercourses. It also provides thermoregulation and a gentle micromassage, which have a positive effect on the blood circulation of the cells.


Thanks to the ability to contract and stretch fibers, it guarantees perfect air circulation.
Nelson TM wool is made of 100% wool from merino sheep, which have undergone a special muttonization process. It has a longer, twisted hair that is characterized by maximum elasticity and durability, so it retains its original appearance for a long time. The underside is secured with an anti-slip layer.

TORPOL dog pillow Travel

  • Nelson TM knit (100% wool)

    Finish: perforated rubber

    Cover: nylon (100% polyester)

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