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Deep cleansing, medical shampoo with additional conditioner


The Gallop Medical Shampoo is ideal for dry, flaky, scabbed and sensitive skin thanks to its specially developed formula. Soothes irritated, sore, damaged and sensitive skin. The pH-neutral formula contains antibacterial agents and natural oils that help soften and remove scabs and flakes. The extraordinary care effect makes the hair significantly softer and leaves a shiny coat.

All-round product

- Should be part of every stable pharmacy

- Strongly antibacterial, but mild (does not burn)

- Soothing to the skin

- No interactions

- Suitable for all horses

- Adapted to the needs of the horse's skin (pH value)

- Easy to rinse

- Handy and user-friendly bottle

- Doping free

Routine use: Apply undiluted to wet fur or add 5-10 splashes of shampoo to a bucket of water. Massage in with a sponge, brush or by hand and then rinse thoroughly.

For skin problems: Leave on for about 5 minutes to guarantee antibacterial cleaning. Rinse thoroughly, paying particular attention to affected skin areas.

500ml is enough for up to 10 washes.

Content: 500ml

Carr & Day & Martin Gallop Medicated Care Shampoo

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