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ACTIVO-MED ImpulseLine

  1. The only system that combines three forms of therapy (pulsating magnetic field, massage and WLP laser therapy)

  2. The control unit can combine different forms of therapy with different programs.

  3. Has a magnetic field strength of up to 1 mT and thus penetrates deep into the body.

  4. Are battery operated and can therefore be used at all FEI tournaments. (no doping)

  5. Brings high-energy light into the subcutaneous tissue and supports cell regeneration without side effects.

The following effects:

  • Improved muscular blood flow

  • Improved bone healing

  • Improved tendon / ligament healing

  • Relief from pulmonary problems

  • Prophylaxis against injury to the musculoskeletal system

  • Regeneration after exercise

  • Visible wellbeing

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