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Magnetic Field Therapy ™

Our proprietary technology was developed, researched and patented for horses. When designing it, we had a focus on the type and placement of magnets, including the areas most prone to injury. We use neodymium magnetic activators (NMA) and neodymium magnetic biostimulators (NMB) in our products. All NMA and NMB are permanent magnets. Once magnetism has been preserved, it can only decrease under the influence of an extremely strong magnetic field with opposite poles or at temperatures above 80 ° C. Products from the Magnetic Field Therapy line can be used in the long term, both in prophylaxis to improve the performance of healthy horses and in the rehabilitation of injuries. Our therapy cannot be overdosed. The body only absorbs as much magnetic energy as is necessary to restore the energy balance. It can be safely used for healing and prophylactic purposes. After a short period of adjustment, it can be used up to 12 hours a day. No side effects were noted when the horse was treated for longer than recommended.


* Post-workout regeneration - Increased blood and lymph flow means that oxygen and white blood cells are transported four times faster. Which ensures better regeneration and thus faster tissue reconstruction.

* Eliminate pain symptoms in the spine - an accelerated flow of white blood cells (responsible for fighting inflammation) eliminates the perceived negative effects of injury and swelling.

The magnetic horse blankets, gaiters, saddle pads and bell bells can be used for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, but the products are also used for pain, inflammation, degeneration of muscles and joints and swellings. They can also be used for prevention and ensure that horses recover quickly after work.


It is a unique microfiber material that combines the advantages of textiles with excellent mechanical parameters. It works well, it's soft, light, and extremely durable at the same time. Due to its complex structure, it offers excellent cushioning and shows excellent filtration properties. Evolon® is a registered trademark of Carl Freudenberg KG, Germany.

TORPOL Homepage Evolon.jpeg

* Absorbent- Thanks to the very large surface of microfibers, liquids can be absorbed up to 400% of their own mass. This makes them the ideal raw material for saddlecloths that are most exposed to contact with sweat.

* Wicks away moisture - Evolon® absorbs sweat so it dries quickly, leaving the skin dry.

* Breathable - Millions of microchannels allow free airflow.

* Prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria - thanks to the compact design, even very small allergen molecules remain under the tissue layer.

* Extended service life - the tests carried out show no loss of material properties even with repeated washing.

* Ecological - No chemical fillers are used in the production. Therefore, Evolon is environmentally friendly (it does not contain PVC, glue or solvents). It does not cause skin irritation.

Nelson ™

Nelson is a natural, living fiber that is produced when shearing sheep's hair.

The construction of wool fibers and their heterogeneous structure make the Nelson ™ fabric highly elastic. It is obtained from live sheep so that the fibers do not lose their natural properties. Nelson wool carries the The Woolmark Company® certificate.

TORPOL Nelson Wolle.jpg

* Has properties for rehabilitation and therapeutic prophylaxis - supports pain relief, neutralizes watercourses.

* Provides heat regulation - thanks to the ability to shrink and expand, it guarantees excellent air circulation. Allows you to maintain a constant body temperature; The body does not sweat or overheat.

* It is hygroscopic - it can absorb water vapor in an amount equal to 1/3 of its own mass without feeling wet.

* It's antibacterial and self-cleaning - it contains lanolin, which by coating any hair, destroys bacteria and mites.

* Provides a gentle micromassage that has a positive effect on the blood circulation of the cells.

Latex Sponge Technology ™

This technology uses a multilayer system made of different materials based on latex foam. Its unique feature is an even pressure distribution and unparalleled flexibility; the foam fits the body perfectly while reducing pressure on the back. The inner part consists of innovative Hex-Line ™ foam, which is characterized by high density and optimal hardness. A hydrophone WTM-ECCO fleece is used on the outside, which is characterized by elasticity and friction resistance. When it comes to saddlecloths and pads, he is responsible for keeping the shape and wicking away sweat. The use in a multi-layer system improves the comfort of the horse and the rider.


* Even pressure distribution over the entire product surface - Regardless of the force exerted on the back, cushions with this technology ensure that the pressure is evenly distributed and not in one place.

* Breathability - the air can flow freely through all foam layers, which prevents excessive sweating and overheating of the horse's back.

* Natural protection against fungi and mites - through the combination of chemically inert materials.

* Unmatched riding comfort - cushioning, proper bounce and elasticity.


The B-NEV ™ fabric has been used in blankets, pads and decorative in other products. The new weaving technology makes it durable and resistant and at the same time looks attractive. The outer layer is characterized by a delicate sheen that improves its aesthetic qualities. The combination of cotton with polyester fibers makes it resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage as well as dirt.

TORPOL HOmepage BNeV.jpeg

* Very easy to care for - does not "catch" sawdust and straw; Simply wipe it with a damp cloth and the dirt disappears. This advantage means that we limit the time and effort required to clean the product and we are aware that we will present ourselves with class even with high usage.

* High resistance to damage and UV radiation - thanks to innovative processing technology.

* Breathability - guarantees air permeability; Does not make the horse sweat or overheat.

* Protects from drizzle and light rain, making it a perfect outdoor solution.

* Improves comfort - soft and slightly stretchy which contributes to increased freedom of movement.

* Durability and longevity - retains its original shape for a long time.

* Dirt-resistant - extremely easy to care for.


Known for its use in a wide variety of products for active people (jackets, shirts, etc.). Indispensable in changeable weather conditions: Protects against wind and light rain. The three-layer structure (DWR-insulated polyester, membrane, knitwear) not only ensures thermal insulation, but also makes it extremely comfortable to wear. Perfect material especially for training blankets.


* Thermal comfort - protects against wind.

* Breathability - allows air to pass freely so that the horse neither sweats nor overheats.

* Protects from drizzle and light rain, making it a perfect outdoor solution.

* Improves comfort - soft and slightly stretchy which contributes to increased freedom of movement.

* Durability and longevity - retains its original shape for a long time.

* Dirt-resistant - extremely easy to care for.

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