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Chia de Gracia

is a Finnish Company

100% natural feeding

Chia de Gracia is a Finnish expert on natural feeding. The real natural feed as well as the supplementary feed from Chia de Gracia support the daily well-being of horses and dogs in a natural way, without the use of additives or industrial ingredients. Chia de Gracia was born in 2014 from the need of the founder Mirva Kettunen to find suitable alternatives for her horse to supplement the daily diet. There are currently over 100 different products in the range. New products are often created on the basis of customer requests and as a solution for different needs of horses or to optimize their wellbeing. From the beginning it was the goal of Chia de Gracia to offer natural solutions for all needs and requirements with regard to the well-being of horses and dogs and to support each horse or dog owner individually.

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