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CdG skin cream is an olive oil and beeswax based cream for surface wounds and minor skin problems. It is 100% pure natural product and does not contain any doping substances.


Ideal for shackles, dry and cracked skin, brittle  Hooves, mud rash, dermatitis, mouth sores, abrasions, dog frills and so on. It is quickly absorbed and works in a few days.

Composition: olive oil, beeswax, marigold extract, vitamin B5.


Instructions for use: Clean the area to be treated. If necessary, apply a thin layer to the damaged skin 2 to 3 times a day or more often.


At room temperature, the cream remains greasy and soft  sunlight  in cold it gets hard.


BEESWAX: One of nature's best healers. Stimulates ulcers and relieves itching, improves blood circulation. Antiseptic effect. It forms a protective layer, worn out   but not the pores.


OLIVE OIL: moisturizes and nourishes the skin effectively. Contains vitamins A and E. It improves skin elasticity and promotes healing of the cheeks.


MARIGOLD: Soothing, cleansing and detoxifying plant for all skin types. Accelerates wound healing, relieves inflammation, reduces swelling and redness. For rhinitis, rashes, itching, burned skin, insect bites. Reduces fluid build-up.


Marigold contains a large amount of saponins (oleic acid glycosides) and, in addition, carotenoids, carburetors, salicylic acid and essential oil. Carotenoids prevent inflammation and promote healing of the skin tissue. They have an anti-inflammatory, wax-promoting and bactericidal (especially staphylococcal) destructive effect. Marigold is also effective against viruses and parasites and has also been used as an anthelmintic


B5-VITAMIN (DEKSPANTENOL): Dekspantenol converts to pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 in the skin and mucous membrane. Restores skin and scalp functions and activates cell renewal. A cell growth factor that is essential for the regeneration of skin and mucous membranes. Effectively moisturizes, corrects broken skin, makes the skin softer and more flexible, especially with dry skin. Relieves skin irritation and promotes the healing of surface damage such as wounds and burns. Vitamin B5 has the effect of cell division and collagen preservation as well as wound healing in wound healing. It is very quickly absorbed by the skin and mucous membranes and acts quickly.



Made in Finland.


Content 0.1  liter  (  179.5  € / 1 liter)

Chia de Gracia CdG skin cream 100 ml

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