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Deep Breath is a herbal blend that supports the health of your horse's respiratory tract. Suitable for horses with a cough, for example, or for cleaning the airways. The product is suitable as part of the daily supportive treatment for long-term or seasonal respiratory problems.

Contains thyme, marshmallow root, garlic, aniseed, licorice root, peppermint, reindeer moss and a pinch of love❤️.

  • Thyme supports normal respiratory functions. It also has disinfecting, expectorant properties that make it a popular raw material for many cough medicines.
  • Peppermint calms and supports the respiratory functions.
  • Anise loosens the mucus, suppresses coughs and improves the taste of the food.
  • Licorice root is also a good expectorant. Icelandic moss improves the general condition and relieves the urge to cough.
  • The marshmallow root contains mucin, which protects the mucous membranes, and is often used for respiratory diseases.
  • Garlic supports the immune system and maintains normal health and function of the respiratory system.

Content 1.7 kilograms (€ 27.03 / 1 kilogram)

Chia de Gracia DEEP BREATH 1.7 kg

  • Dosage horse 500 kg: 0.5 - 1 dl / day. 1 DL = 25 g.

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