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Not So Sweet Itch is a product specially developed for itchy and dry skin. It is also suitable for horses suffering from different types of eczema or sweet itch. Not So Sweet Itch contains ingredients that soothe and regenerate the skin.

Not So Sweet Itch contains hemp seeds, brewer's yeast, calendula, chamomile, sea buckthorn, echin, nettle and a pinch of love ❤️.

Hemp seeds are rich in essential omega fatty acids. Omega fatty acids are important for healthy skin. Nettle is a healthy and invigorating plant that also increases resilience. It also helps renew the mucous membranes and skin cells. Calendula and chamomile soothe itchy skin. Marigold contains carotenoids that help skin renewal. It also has antibacterial effects to prevent infection. Chamomile soothes sensitive, irritated, reddened and hypersensitive skin. Echin also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that protect the skin and keep it healthy.

Not recommended for pregnant mares or mares with young foals.

Content 1.2 kilograms (€ 34.13 / 1 kilogram)

Chia de Gracia NOT SO SWEET ITCH 1.2 kg

  • Feeding recommendation: Horse 500 kg: 0.5 dl - 1.5 dl / day.

    1 dl = n. 40 g.

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