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Protective and soothing lotion for skin problems that arise in summer


Can be used both for existing skin irritations and for early prevention before the first symptoms appear.


Apply to the affected areas by rubbing in with your fingers or a soft cloth as soon as the first irritation occurs and during the rest of the season. The initial 75ml application should be twice a day, reduced to once a day and then repeated 3-4 times a week until the irritation subsides.

All affected areas should be kept clean and shampooed and rinsed at least once a week. Reapply after washing up or sweating profusely to ensure adequate protection.

Horses at risk of seasonal irritation should be given early application in spring before symptoms become apparent.

Active ingredients

  • Benzyl benzoate 25% w / v - a white, creamy and soothing lotion

Content: 500ml


Carr & Day & Martin SWITCH PRO Benzyl Benzoate Lotion

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