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Boswellia Serrata is the best friend of your horse's joints! Boswellia Serrata supports healthy joint functions and optimal mobility in a natural way! The crystalline resin from Boswellia Serrata contains all the ingredients that are valuable for the functionality of the joints!

Boswellia is a genus of tree known for its fragrant resin and has many pharmacological uses, especially as an anti-inflammatory. Particularly useful in treating arthritis and as effective as traditional pain relievers.

The main component of the extract is boswellic acid. Studies have shown that they have anti-inflammatory effects through various effects. It is usually combined with other herbs in common supplements.

Boswellia also supports a healthy digestive tract, especially the stomach and intestines. Also suitable for sensitive horses as it does not cause irritation or ulcers in the abdomen. Boswellia also appears to have a beneficial effect on skin health. The absorption of boswellic acid is greatly improved by feeding high-fat foods such as chia or hemp seeds at the same time.

Content 0.5 kilograms (€ 31.90 / 1 kilogram)

    Chia de Gracia BOSWELLIA SERRATA (incense) 500g, 1 Kg

    • Dosage:

      • CRYSTAL:  horse  500 g 1 - 4 tsp / day,  Ponies  1 - 2 tsp / day  Dogs : 1/2 tsp - 1.5 tsp / day.
      • 1 tbsp = 8 G.
      • POWDER:   horse  500g 1 - 2 tbsp / day,  Ponies  0.5 - 1 tbsp / day,  Dogs : 1/2 teaspoon- 1 teaspoon / day.
      • 1 tbsp = 14 G.
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