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100% natural vitamin E for horses and dogs. Vitamin E is required, among other things, to maintain the normal function of the musculoskeletal system and to support the immune system. Natural vitamin E maintains the function of the skin and joints and is absorbed much better than synthetic vitamin E.

CdGE is a natural vitamin E in liquid form. Vitamin E is one of the fat-soluble vitamins the body needs. Contains 100% natural alpha tocopherol.

Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant that protects cells from the harmful effects of free radicals. Vitamin E is required, among other things, to maintain normal musculoskeletal functions, to support the nervous system and the immune system. Natural vitamin E also supports the normal well-being of the skin and joints and is absorbed much more effectively compared to synthetic vitamins.

Every horse needs vitamin E unless it is given fresh hay every day.

The need for vitamin E increases when the diet of horses / dogs is high in fat, as well as with horses during the winter feeding season. Heavy exertion and competitive sport increase the body's need for vitamin E. Heavy physical work strains muscles, tendons and joints, which leads to an imbalance between the oxidizing and oxidizing factors of the cells. This imbalance damages the cells, which means that the need for vitamin E increases with increasing stress, for example.

In addition, breeding animals, pregnant and lactating animals have an increased need for vitamin E. It is also recommended that older horses and dogs be given vitamin E to support resistance. Vitamin E is also important for horses with Cushing's syndrome.

Vitamin E helps improve scars, burns, and skin irritation. Vitamin E is also useful for dry, flaky skin.

The product is packaged in a pump bottle that lasts 3 months after opening.

According to studies, natural vitamin E is more than twice as effective as synthetic products.

CdGE is a trademark of Chia de Gracia ™.

The product is GMO-free.

Content 0.2 liter (€ 154.75 / 1 liter)

Chia de Gracia CdG-E: natural vitamin E 200ml

  • • During the winter season for all horses: 3 drops per day. (about 750 IU)

    • Young horses (under 1 year): 4 drops per day. (about 1000 IU)

    • Pregnant mares in the last month of gestation, 5 drops per day. (approximately 1250 IU)

    • Horses on oil during the grazing period 1 drop / day if the amount of oil is less than 3 dl. (about 250 IU)

    • More than 3 dl of oil - give 2 drops a day. (about 500 IU)

    • Adult dog: light work 1 drop / day, medium - hard work 2 drops / day, breeding dogs 2-3 drops / day.

    Oil is given with other feed. Vitamin E is used intermittently or as recommended by a veterinarian.


    CdGE contains natural alpha tocopherol 200 IU / ml.


    A pump pressure is about 1.4 ml.

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