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Chamomile flowers are a general remedy for horses: for the normal well-being of the stomach and intestines, for the well-being of the skin and to calm nervous horses.

The chamomile flower is suitable for relieving stress and reducing restlessness. It has a powerful ability to clear away inflammation and pain, making it ideal for treating various types of pain and discomfort. The relaxing property applies to the gastrointestinal tract and is therefore particularly suitable for horses whose nervousness and restlessness are also reflected in their abdominal function and digestion.

Content 0.4 kilograms (€ 57.38 / 1 kilogram)

Chia de Gracia CHAMOMILE FLOWER Chamomile flower 400 g

  • Dosage horse 500 KG:

    0.5 - 1 DL / DAY. 1 DL = CA. 10 G.

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