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Welcome to the SILVER CROWN universe.

Owning a SILVER CROWN bridle is convinced that a beautiful product is still a synonym for quality and durability. It is also thought that luxury doesn't have to be "bling bling".

Wonderful wide headpiece with a very special fit made of high quality leather.

° Excellent quality : Excellent workmanship with English leather and stainless steel fittings from JE Sedgwicks

° Comfortable : fully padded, adapts perfectly to the shape of the horse's head

The Silver Crown Doha headpiece made of soft leather is located behind the neck area. The horses should be noticeably happier with it.

The Silver Crown Doha headjoint comes complete with a throat strap, headband and cheek pieces (nosebands and reins are sold separately).

Available in size FULL and in the colors black, Conker or Australian Nut - all with white stitching.

Silver Crown Headpiece Doha

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