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The Comporta head piece is wide and thus ensures even pressure distribution. Besides, it is  trimmed back behind the ears to reduce the risk of entrapment -  while 4 mm padding offers additional comfort. The throat strap is adjustable on both sides to ensure a precise fit.

The Silver Crown Half Moon noseband is shaped and padded so that it is comfortable for  your  horse  feels. The noseband has a  Half moon padding to avoid pressure points.

There is another padding under the buckle on the back of the noseband.

Made from high quality, fully tanned, of the highest quality  English J&E Sedgwick  Leather,  that was processed by hand and completely sewn.

The leather thickness used is constantly between 3.5 and 4 mm to ensure long-term robustness.


Look at headpieces and nosebands - there you can  to  Your needs and desires  Put together your dream bridle and swap it as required.


SILVER CROWN bridle / Comporta headpiece + Half Moon interchangeable noseband

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