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The dog cushions are made of the best wool quality – soft & comfortable


The characteristic stabilizing role surrounds the mattress. The cushion consists of a wool cover, which is protected on the underside with a layer of nylon. And on the other hand, a mattress lined with a polyester fabric.
The sides and the bottom of the cover are equipped with zippers, so you can easily remove the mattress and the roller.


Magnetic Field Therapy TM technology eliminates pain, improves the musculoskeletal organs and speeds up tissue regeneration. It also eliminates toxins from the body. It compensates for energy deficits in a natural way. This allows a faster healing process.
The dog beds can be used in both prophylaxis and rehabilitation in the longterm.
This used magneticfield therapy can not be overdosed!! The body absorbs the amount of magnetic energy needed to restore its energy balance.
We use round BioFlex®Classic magnetic tapes in our products.


The Camel knit combines the properties of camel wool with wool from merino sheep. It has short hair, feels silky and delicate and the biological treatment method guarantees resistance to external influences.

TORPOL Dog Magnetic Field Therapy Pad Fox Camel

  • BioFlex® Classico Magnetbänder Stärke 635 Gauss

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