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Made of quilted denim fabric, abrasion-resistant. Lined with Nelson ™ natural fur, which ensures great moisture absorption, breathability and quick drying. It does not overheat and thus prevents excessive sweating. Nelson wool has the The Woolmark Company® certificate. A real sheepskin has a temperature-regulating effect and increases the comfort factor.

The magnetic version of this saddle pad uses the technology of “Magnetic Field Therapy ™, which has a positive effect on the elasticity of the horse's back. The regeneration of the tissue after exertion as well as the removal of toxins is accelerated. Energy deficits are compensated in a natural way, which causes a faster activation of the regeneration processes in the body.

You can find more information under the category: Torpol technology.

TORPOL magnetic field saddle pad Nelson ™ natural fur

  • Denim (65% cotton, 35% polyester)

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