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Novelty, Master Collection 2020.

The Master Magnetfeld saddle pad is made of quilted high quality denim fabric that is tear and abrasion resistant. The Magnetic Field Therapy ™ in the saddle pad has a great influence on the horse's back flexibility. The regeneration of the tissue after exertion as well as the removal of toxins is accelerated. Energy deficits are compensated in a natural way, which causes a faster activation of the regeneration processes in the body. The inner Evolon® layer ensures good moisture absorption and quick drying while it remains breathable. At the same time, it prevents hair from getting stuck, it stays on the surface, which makes the saddle pad very easy to care for.

Spine area reinforced with an additional layer of non-woven fabric and 3D mesh, which ensure good air circulation and protect against bruising.

Finished with the characteristic Torpol® tapes and double seams.

Contains a design that is protected by industrial property rights within the European Union.

You can find more information under the category: Torpol technology.


  • Quilted denim (50% cotton, 50% polyester)

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