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Cornucrescine 3-step system for complete hoof care

Option 2: Helps prevent cracks, horn breakage and damage to the hoof structure


Primarily intended for use in dry conditions, the sophisticated water-based formula penetrates deep into the hoof horn to aid in the exchange of moisture. When used daily, the product maintains the optimal level of moisture in the hoof. Includes a quality brush for easy application.

Application :

Before use, make sure the hoof is clean, dry and free of any oily or greasy substances. Apply generously to the entire hoof structure daily using the included brush.

Use in combination with Cornucrescine hoof ointment on damaged hooves to accelerate hoof growth and to support the hoof in rebuilding.

Content: 500ml


Carr & Day & Martin CORNUCRESCINE Daily Moisturizer Step 2

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