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Cornucrescine 3-step system for complete hoof care

Option 3 : Strengthens and supports the structure of the hoof to improve hoof health and reduce the loss of horseshoes


The sophisticated formulation creates a one-sided impermeable barrier to protect against extreme ingress of water and urine. The hoof is impregnated but retains its ability to breathe and release moisture. Contains antibacterial agents to protect against bacterial infections. Suitable for soft and brittle hooves; ideal for daily use.

Application :

Before use, make sure the hoof is clean, dry and free of any oily or greasy substances. Apply the product daily with the included brush on the hoof wall below the coronet and, if desired, on the hoof sole and the frog. Apply before contact with wet and muddy surfaces. Dries in minutes. Result transparent and not sticky.

Use in combination with Cornucrescine hoof ointment on damaged hooves to accelerate hoof growth and to support the hoof in rebuilding.

Content: 500ml


Carr & Day & Martin CORNUCRESCINE Daily hoof protection Step 3

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