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Carr & Day & Martin is the world's oldest company in the manufacture of horse care products. Established in 1765 have since the reign of King George IV to the present day

and the reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, as purveyor to the court.

Extra Strength Shampoo
Powerful cleaning for heavily soiled, greasy or light-colored horses

Description :
Gallop Extra Strong Shampoo is a particularly rich shampoo with twice the amount of active ingredients for greater cleaning power.
Ideally suited for heavily soiled, greasy or light-colored horses
or the first wash of the year - leaves a clean and shiny coat.

Use :

Apply undiluted to wet fur or add 5-6 caps of shampoo to a bucket of water.
Massage in with a sponge, brush, or by hand, then rinse thoroughly for an instant result.

Content: 500ml

Carr & Day & Martin Gallop Extra Strong Shampoo Horse Shampoo Extra Strength

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