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Check my hooves! is a herbal mixture for horse's hooves. It promotes growth, makes the hoof stronger and improves the quality of the keratin. Contains: chia, dandelion root, bamboo, yarrow, rose hip, seaweed, Icelandic moss, hawthorn berries, nettle and a pinch of love❤️.

Chia is rich in omega fatty acids and proteins and helps keep the hoof supple. Bamboo contains potassium and silicon and is good for hoof growth. In addition to other vitamins, dandelions contain vitamin H, also known as biotin. An excellent addition for horses with bad hooves. Rose hip contains biotin and vitamins C, E and K. Rose hip promotes hoof growth and improves the quality of the hooves. Yarrow leaves are rich in vitamins and trace elements, and yarrow strengthens the hooves inside. Algae / seaweed also strengthen the hooves.

Used to support poor quality hoof material.

If your horse is suffering from bad hooves, you should always check his diet. It is advisable to feed herbs and plants such as rose hips, Icelandic moss, yarrow and algae / seaweed along with other foods. Cracks in the hooves can be treated by giving the horse plenty of stinging nettle, horsetail, and a mixture of sea salt and herbs. Verbena and flaxseed can be used as herbs.

Chia de Gracia CHECK MY HOOVES 2.4 kg

  • Dosage horse 500 KG: 1-4 DL / DAY. 1 DL = 35 G.

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