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N16 - Brazilian noseband

The Silver Crown Brazilian noseband is a double noseband with a unique design that ensures better pressure distribution on the horse's nose area.

It has a detachable locking strap and matching stitching on the front of the noseband, while the rest is finished with white contrast stitching.

Made from high quality, fully tanned English leather that has been hand finished and fully stitched. With stainless steel buckles for strength and durability.

The leather thickness is between 3.5 and 4 mm used to ensure long-term robustness.

Combine the noseband with a Silver Crown headpiece and the reins for a complete bridle. The noseband has buckles on each side and no overhead strap so it can only be attached to bridles that allow it.

SILVER CROWN noseband Brazilian Brazilian noseband