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N10 - Mexican noseband

Made from the highest quality, fully tanned, top quality English J&E Sedgwick leather that has been hand finished and fully stitched. Finished with stainless steel buckles for strength and durability.

The Mexican noseband consists of two nosebands, which are set relatively high and cross on the bridge of the nose, held together with a padded rosette and fastened under the bit. The upper part of the crossed noseband is attached to the headpiece with rings on the left and right. Due to the construction, the pressure is distributed over several points on the horse's head. It looks similar to a combined noseband, but it is a little gentler, as it is less restrictive of the nostrils, breathing and mouth activity due to its construction - if it is correctly buckled.

Available in 3 colors: Australian Nut, Black and Conker

SILVER CROWN Mexican noseband croisee noseband

SKU: N10
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