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N 03

The Silver Crown H noseband has two straps under the horse's face and a soft, padded nose clip. Exclusive to Silver Crown, this design encourages the horse to lower its jaw and relax.

It also allows you to close your mouth comfortably without restricting breathing. Since the front part is in a different place than a normal noseband, it can be useful for horses who are uncomfortable in a noseband.

Made from the highest quality, fully tanned, top quality English J&E Sedgwick leather that has been hand finished and fully stitched. Finished with stainless steel buckles for strength and durability.

The leather thickness used is constantly between 3.5 and 4 mm to ensure long-term robustness.

Combine the noseband with a Silver Crown headpiece and the reins for a complete bridle. The noseband has buckles on each side and no overhead strap, so it can only be attached to bridles that allow this.

In combination with every Silver Crown headjoint, forms a complete bridle.


This noseband is also available as a connection point in cord or round leather.

SILVER CROWN noseband H Classique

SKU: N03
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