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N04 - Removable X-noseband


The Silver Crown X-Nose noseband is a double noseband that combines the functions of a flash and drop noseband. This design is available exclusively from Silver Crown and allows the mouth to be conveniently closed in two different places. The lower frame  The X-Nose can be adjusted independently in two different points.

Made from high quality, fully tanned, of the highest quality  English J&E Sedgwick  Leather,  that was processed by hand and completely sewn.

Finished with stainless steel buckles for strength and durability.

The leather thickness used is constantly between 3.5 and 4 mm to ensure long-term robustness.

Combine this one  Interchangeable noseband  with a Silver Crown headpiece and the reins for a complete bridle.

  So can your  Put together your dream bridle and swap as required.



Available in 3 colors: Australian Nut, Black and Conker.

Size: FULL

SILVER CROWN noseband Muserolle et X-Nose

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