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Welcome to the SILVER CROWN universe. Owning a SILVER CROWN bridle is convinced that a beautiful product is still a synonym for quality and durability. It is also thought that luxury doesn't have to be "bling bling".

SILVER CROWN Bridles "The technology of elegance."

Stunning, padded bridle with matching reins.

The padded headpiece and the wide noseband from Doha are provided with the Silver Crown Stamp

The noseband has a padding to avoid pressure points and is lined with black or dark brown leather.

Made from high quality, fully tanned English leather that has been hand finished and fully stitched.

The leather thickness used is constantly between 3.5 and 4 mm to ensure long-term robustness.

The dressage reins are a pair of R06BB reins (2-sided reins leather and handle).

SILVER CROWN dressage bit Bridle Grand Tour

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