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Treat your horse to the highest level of luxury with the Silver Crown 001 bridle made of soft, supple leather with many innovative features that promote comfort.

The headband is integrated into the headpiece and is highly padded to avoid the friction that can be created by the leather loop on each side of a classic headband. The headband remains adjustable in height.

This bridle has a neck-free design, with the headpiece sitting over the padding so that there is no contact with the horse's neck.

The noseband has a removable locking strap and is thickly padded on the nose and jaw. In addition, the adjustable larynx can be easily attached to the headpiece, making it child's play to attach it.

This bridle remains light and stylish, with 10 mm cheek pieces, small silver silver crown pins for decoration, tone-on-tone seams and stainless steel fittings.

Matching Silver Crown Rubber Grip reins are also available.

The Silver Crown 001 bridle is only available in the size FULL and COB in the colors Australian Nut or Black.

SILVER CROWN bridle with comfort headpiece 001 Poll Free Comf

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