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Particularly recommended for prophylaxis, rehabilitation and support in the healing process after injuries to the fetlock. The magnets generate a constant magnetic field, which ensures an expansion of the blood vessels and thus accelerates the regeneration of the tissue after exertion and the removal of toxins. Energy deficits are compensated in a natural way, which causes a faster activation of the regeneration processes in the body. Reduces pain and eliminates swelling.

Made of neoprene, reinforced with tear-resistant ripstop fabric.

The inside is made of Nelson knitted wool, which is particularly suitable for horses with a tendency to skin irritations. The strong Velcro fastener ensures the right fit. Perfectly adapted, they protect the hoof and the fetlock joint from impacts.

You can find more information under the category: Torpol technology.

TORPOL magnetic field bell boots NELSON ™

colour: black / black
  • Ripstop (100% polyester) with PVC finish

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