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Made from the best denim with a magnetic field and internal Evolon® fabric.

During development, focus was placed on the type and placement of the magnets. Including the areas most prone to injury. These are unique products that support biological regeneration and accelerate the horse's recovery process. The use of Magnetic Field Therapy ™ technology in this saddle pad has a positive effect on the elasticity of the horse's back. The regeneration of the tissue after exertion as well as the removal of toxins is accelerated. Energy deficits are compensated in a natural way, which causes a faster activation of the regeneration processes in the body.
The inner Evolon® layer ensures good moisture absorption and quick drying while it remains breathable. At the same time, it prevents hair from getting stuck, it stays on the surface, which makes the saddle pad very easy to care for. The back part, made of Nelson ™ natural fur, provides a light massage and natural temperature regulation. This maintains an even body temperature and makes it easier for the body to breathe through the skin. It does not overheat and prevents excessive sweating. Nelson ™ wool is The Wollmark Company® certified.

You can find more information under the category: Torpol technology.

The saddle pad is also designed for personalization, so that you can choose an image or logo of your club, stable or sponsor yourself.

TORPOL Magnetic Field Saddle Cloth Nelson ™ designed for personalization

  • Denim (65% cotton, 35% polyester)

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