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Magnetic field work gaiters with natural wool.

Perfect for training, on the paddock or in the horse walker.

Magnetic Field Therapy ™ technology effectively removes swelling and prevents the spread of injuries, while Nelson ™ wool lining provides natural heat regulation and gentle micro-massage. Easy to use, quick to put on.

Particularly recommended for prophylaxis, rehabilitation and support in the healing process of injuries. The magnets are located along the tendons and generate a constant magnetic field, which dilates the blood vessels and accelerates the regeneration of the tissue after exertion and the removal of toxins. Energy deficits are compensated in a natural way, which causes a faster activation of the regeneration processes in the body. Irreplaceable for horses with frequent bile and swellings and after tendon and joint operations. Reduces pain and eliminates swelling.

Super robust, the Velcro fasteners hold perfectly, the gaiters stay dry on the inside!

You can find more information under the category: Torpol technology.

TORPOL magnetic field work boots

SKU: 3402
  • Corner leather

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