This wonderful pad impresses with the use of two unique technologies: Magentic Field Therapy ™ and the Latex Sponge Technology ™. Magnetic therapy affects the elasticity of the back. The layered combination of materials, the foundation of which consists of a latex foam, absorbs shocks best of all saddle pads known on the market and protects against marks and chafing. The latex Sponge Technology ™ as a sandwich insert brings greater comfort for horse and rider. The outer part is made from 3D spacer mesh and the inner part is made from Evolon® fleece. The spacer net at the withers guarantees excellent ventilation.

The Master Collection impresses with its technologically advanced solutions. It includes magnetic products such as Magnetic Field Therapy and Latex Sponge Technology.

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  • Alcantara (70% polyester, 30% polyurethane) Evolon® (70% polyester, 30% polyamide)