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Stable gaiters, transport gaiters

The Magnetic Field Therapy ™ technology is a solution for the prevention, rehabilitation and support in the treatment of horses with a tendency to bile - after injuries to tendons and joints. Magnets placed along the tendons create a magnetic field that, by widening the blood vessels, accelerates the regeneration of tissue after exercise and the removal of toxins. They balance the energy deficit in a natural way, which enables the body's regeneration processes to be activated more quickly.

Incredibly practical and comfortable in daily use thanks to the strong Velcro fasteners that ensure a secure fit. Made of nylon, reinforced with a layer of non-woven fabric and lined with Nelson ™ wool knit which ensures great moisture absorption, breathability and quick drying. It does not overheat and so prevents excessive sweating of the legs.

The two-part magnetic protectors consist of an outer part and add-on parts in two variants: LegCare ™ or HoofCare ™:
• LegCare ™ (3 Velcro fasteners) - offers protection and supports the treatment and rehabilitation of the horse's legs from the ankle to the fetlock

You can find more information under the category: Torpol technology.

TORPOL magnetic field transport gaiters / stable gaiters MASTER LegCare ™

SKU: 3400
  • Nylon (100% polyester), mesh fabric, microfiber, 80 g silicone fleece

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