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Tummy Saver is a unique feed mix

to maintain the healthy stomach and intestines of your horse and to promote the well-being of the digestive system.

Balances the strain of bacteria and microbes in the intestines.

Contains chia seeds, rose hip, licorice root, bentonite, dandelion leaf, artichoke leaf, raspberry leaf, Icelandic moss and a pinch of love.

Chia seeds are high in fiber, which is important for normal bowel function and digestion. Chia gels easily and forms a protective film in the intestine.

Rose hip contains pectin, a soluble fiber that aids in bowel movements. Rose hip sorbitol prevents acidification of the stomach and increases the flow of saliva.

Dandelion root aids digestion and strengthens the liver. Because of its acidity, dandelions can stimulate the appetite. Dandelion root and the artichoke leaves contain starch called inulin, a natural prebiotic that helps maintain good gut bacteria. Artichoke also cleanses the liver - a clean liver effectively produces bile and enzymes that are needed for the digestive and fat burning mechanisms.

Bentonite is an intestinal balancer. Licorice is an excellent remedy for many types of stomach problems.

Together, these ingredients are an excellent blend for promoting the horse's gastrointestinal wellbeing and health, as well as supporting the normal digestive system.

An absolute precision product for horses with stomach problems!

Content 1.8 kilograms (€ 27.75 / 1 kilogram)

Chia de Gracia TUMMY SAVER 1.8 kg

  • HORSE 500 KG: 3/4 DL - 1.5 DL DAY.


    1DL = 50G.

    Packing sizes: 1.8 kg.

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